What is included in the desert safari tour package?

The specific activities and services included in the desert safari tour package can vary depending on the provider and the type of package you choose. However, most packages typically include a pick-up and drop-off service, a dune bashing ride, a camel ride, and a traditional BBQ dinner. Some providers may also offer additional activities such as sandboarding, quad biking, and belly dancing performances.

What should I wear for the desert safari tour?

Dress comfortably for the desert safari tour, as it can get quite hot during the day. Lightweight and loose-fitting clothing, such as cotton pants and a t-shirt, is recommended. Avoid wearing anything too tight or restrictive, as it can make it uncomfortable to participate in the activities. Make sure to wear closed-toe shoes, as some activities such as dune bashing can be rough on the feet.

How long is the desert safari tour?

The duration of the desert safari tour can vary depending on the provider and the type of package you choose. Most tours typically last around 6-8 hours, starting in the afternoon and ending in the evening.

Is it safe to go on a desert safari tour?

Yes, desert safari tours are generally safe. The tour providers take safety precautions such as providing helmets and seat belts during dune bashing, and ensuring that the vehicles used are well-maintained. However, as with any outdoor activity, there is always a risk of accidents or injuries. It is important to listen to the instructions given by the tour guide and to follow safety guidelines.

Are there any age or health restrictions for the desert safari tour?

Most desert safari tour providers do not have strict age or health restrictions, but it's best to check with the provider beforehand. Some activities may not be suitable for children or elderly people with mobility issues, and pregnant women are usually not allowed to participate in some activities.

What are the main locations of the Dubai desert safari?

The Dubai desert safari is a great way to see the desert and experience the culture of the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, there are numerous spots for a Desert Safari. Al Awir Desert, Liwa Desert, Al Lahbab Desert, Al Faya Desert, and Dubai Desert are the most visited places.

Which is the best desert safari location in Dubai?

Famous safari locations in the deserts of the Middle East, such as those near Dubai, offer the perfect opportunity to witness the local wildlife and explore ancient ruins. From the sand dunes of Wadi Rum to the Bedouin culture of the UAE, you will have many opportunities to discover something new on your desert safari adventure. desert safari trips are jam-packed with excitement.

What type of shoes to wear on a desert safari?

When going on a desert safari, it is important to wear the right type of shoes. This is because you will be walking in sand and possibly hiking over rough terrain. You need shoes that are comfortable and will not rub your feet raw. The best type of shoes to wear on a desert safari are sandals or hiking boots. Sandals are great because they are comfortable and easy to walk in. Hiking boots are also a good choice because they will protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects. Also essential are sturdy shoes that can handle sand and rocks.

How can I book a desert safari trip in Dubai?

To book a desert safari trip in Dubai, you can use WhatsApp as a way of communicating with the tour agency. Many tour providers in Dubai offer the option of booking a desert safari tour through WhatsApp. To ensure payment security for our customers when booking a desert safari trip.

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